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Why the name ‘VIEWPORT’:

 As per the dictionary, Viewport means a framed area on a display screen for viewing information. Now, understanding Viewport from the company’s perspective, Viewport is a point, place or even a port to achieve a wider and a clearer perspective. Viewport can be personified in various ways that fits the brand’s ideology. Viewport is a gateway to provide a wide range of services to varied sectors of the industry, perpetually leading towards the development of a specific company or brand. Viewport is more of a human being than just a cemented structure. Viewport is content with Culture, Quality, Care and Concern. Viewport is a platform for individuals to build their Dreams on; a white canvas where you can create anything and everything. Viewport teaches its employees (find a better word) the true values to lead a better meaningful life. Such distinct values keep our Viewport team members out from crowd. To cut a long story short, Viewport is like a kaleidoscope that adds an extra dimension by a slightest, not only to businesses but also to an individual’s life who serves for Viewport.

 Why the word ‘CONSULTANCY’:

 Viewport Consultancy’s major strength lies in manpower supply to required businesses across the globe. Viewport Consultancy’s approach in dealing with our clients or any of our job seeking candidates is heart-to-heart. We understand our candidate’s needs and guide him through by offering the best possible solution to add balance to his career. We strongly believe in building human values and help nurture one’s inner-self. We put in our best efforts to motivate our candidates by helping them achieve their dreams for them to grow as an individual. Our highly professional team is skilled at understanding the candidate’s mind-set and requirements and delivers the best solution. Our consultancy simply doesn’t end on Manpower recruitment; we also provide abroad education service to UK, Malaysia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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